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Fused glass Panels and Bowls.

These wonderful panels are about 8mm thick, with an undulating surface which reflects the colourful pattern within the glass. They stand out about 10mm from the wall, and can thus pick up light from behind as well as in front.

Each panel is created by the artist, who usually follows one of his or her successful patterns, such as Tutti, shown below.  No two panels of any design are identical, and most of those below are in stock.

They will add interest anywhere in the home, but one special feature of the works is that they can be hung in bathrooms, kitchens, above swimming pools, and outside. They can even be tiled into an area of plain wall tiles, and bowls can be made to match the pattern that you choose.

Come to see the large selection upstairs, in our Fused Glass Gallery.

Please note colours shown on this selection do not do justice to the originals!

Most of those shown are in stock; our prices include VAT. 

Glassart1010 Glassart1010 Carnivale Triptych. Consists of 3 panels 140x30cm each. Size: Overall 140x90cm.   £1065.00
Citus geometric. 73cm x 30cm   £250
Tutti Waves. 30 x 30cm   £96.
Ugly Figh

'Tutti'.  In 60cm x 60cm: £325.50.   to order                                                         

Moving Tutti. 60cm x 60cm. £325.50

Blue Sparkle 70cm x 60cm. £297.50

Glassart1005 Carnivale 3. 60x20cm.  £140

Green Waves 133cm x 43cm £545; made to order

Viking Aquamarine  94 x 20cm      £240
Black Earth  94 x 20cm             £240
Carnivale 4. 60x20cm. £140
Blue Waves 20 x 130cms       £250
Ugly Fish Glass Picture Panels
Red Earth 133cm x 43cm  £525  
Blue Chagall 50 x 50cms £335

Rainbow (to order; size as required)

Fish & Waves; a triptych. 175cm x 140cm  To order (3-4 weeks) £2,685 (the three panels).

Jeddah.  70 x 30cm  £250   It is also available in different shapes and sizes to order.

Jewel.  The medium size (133 x 43cms) is £550 and small (73 x 30) is £250.
Large Swimming Fish (80 x 80cms) £550.
Fish in Sparkling Water (30 x 70cms) £245.
Three 30x30cms Tutti squares   £96 each
  Fiery Abstract. 50cms x 50cms  £330

Turkish Delight Shown sideways 20cm x 94cm £240.

Large Red Waves 140cm x 60cm £1,335 To order (approx 2 weeks)

Autumn  94 x 20cm   £240

Glass Picture Panels

           Multi-coloured Waves 100 x 20cm       £335